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Mar18 Fun Holiday – Awkward Moments Day

On March 18, or Awkward Moments Day, celebrate (or forget) those awkward and embarrassing moments in our lives that may have made us want to hide.

A man and woman out on a date.

Awkward date? Tell the story today.


It may not be a coincidence that it falls the day after St. Patrick's Day, a day often associated in many parts of the world with alcohol and partying.

The Day After

While the purpose or origins of this unofficial holiday are unknown, it could be that the day was created to take stock of all the awkward moments after a few (or many) pints of Guinness drunk in celebration of the Irish cultural holiday.

Funny Stories

It could also be that the anonymous founders of the day wanted people to embrace all the awkward moments in their lives and laugh at them. After all, it is these moments that make the best stories and life lessons for the kids and the grandkids.

How to Celebrate?

  • We have all had awkward moments, but today is the day to laugh at them and to recognize that it is these moments that make for a memorable life.
  • Share an awkward moment in your life with your family and friends in person or on a social media website. You can all laugh, and you may find out that you are not the only one with such awkward experiences.

Did You Know…

…that the first known use of the word embarrassed in the English language can be traced back to the diary of British parliamentarian Samuel Pepys in 1664?

Awkward Moments Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Awkward Moments Day Observances
2024MonMar 18Awkward Moments Day
2025TueMar 18Awkward Moments Day
2026WedMar 18Awkward Moments Day
2027ThuMar 18Awkward Moments Day
2028SatMar 18Awkward Moments Day
2029SunMar 18Awkward Moments Day
2030MonMar 18Awkward Moments Day
2031TueMar 18Awkward Moments Day
2032ThuMar 18Awkward Moments Day
2033FriMar 18Awkward Moments Day

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