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Mar2 Fun Holiday – Old Stuff Day

March 2 is Old Stuff Day. Take some time on this made-up holiday to appreciate the beauty of all things old and vintage.

An old workbench in a basement.

Love your old stuff.


Or you can reflect on the same old, and sometimes boring, things that you do every day and take the opportunity to change things up.

The holiday is also sometimes called National Old Stuff Day in the United States.

Increased Value

While people often see old things as something to be replaced by newer, shinier things, not all of them are useless. Wines, for example, are more valuable and tastier as they grow older.

Many old items like maps, books, jewelry, furniture, clothes, and artifacts also gain value as they age. This is because they represent workmanship and aesthetics of a previous historical era, as well as technology that may not exist in present times.

Much more valuable than old inanimate items is the wisdom and knowledge we can get from old people. From old family members, one can learn their family history, their genealogy, and their origins. Old people can provide us a richer and more colorful account of the past than any history book can.

Antique Versus Vintage

Not all old things are created equal. Those who study history divide historical items into two groups based on their age. Antiques are items that are at least 100 years old, while vintage items usually have to be at least 30 years or more old.

How to Celebrate?

  • Sort out that crammed attic or basement, and throw away any old things you have no use for anymore.
  • Or, start a vintage collection. Visit thrift stores and flea markets - who knows what treasures you may come across?
  • Get together with your grandparents or someone older than you and ask them to tell you stories about their childhood and youth. Learn about what was going on in the world when they were growing up.
  • Take a bit of time today to contemplate your life and to add a few new activities or hobbies to spice up your routine. Continuing on the theme of old things, perhaps you could pick up collecting old rocks?

Did You Know…

…that earliest known pieces of jewelry made by humans are thought to be about 100,000 years old? Found in a cave in Israel, the pieces were made from mollusk shells.

Old Stuff Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Old Stuff Day Observances
2024SatMar 2Old Stuff Day
2025SunMar 2Old Stuff Day
2026MonMar 2Old Stuff Day
2027TueMar 2Old Stuff Day
2028ThuMar 2Old Stuff Day
2029FriMar 2Old Stuff Day
2030SatMar 2Old Stuff Day
2031SunMar 2Old Stuff Day
2032TueMar 2Old Stuff Day
2033WedMar 2Old Stuff Day

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