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Dec11 Fun Holiday – Noodle Ring Day

December 11 is Noodle Ring Day, a day for comforting baked pasta.

Baked nest of noodles, noodle casserole.

Noodle ring is a version of a pasta bake.


Popular during the mid-1900s, Noodle Ring Day is a dish made of flat noodles or any other type of flat pasta baked in a ring mold or a bundt pan.

Fill the Ring

Making noodle ring from scratch is easy, all you need is some cooked pasta, eggs, bread crumbs and a cheese that melts easily. Mix all the ingredients and put it in a mold and bake until all the eggs cook and the cheese melts. Unmold and fill the center with a filling of your choice. Many recipes recommend chicken salad, sautéed vegetables or canned tuna as a filling.

How to Celebrate?

  • Dig out your grandma’s cookbooks and make a noodle ring for dinner.
  • Don't like the pasta that is available in the stores? Make your own from scratch and then use to make a noodle ring.
  • Make a dessert version of the dish - use sugar while baking the noodles and instead of a savory filling use fresh cut fruit or a custard or pudding.
  • Host a vintage dinner party and have friends bring their favorite vintage dishes to share. Make a noodle ring as your contribution to the dinner table.

Did You Know…

…that experts believe that people around the world consume over 600 types and shapes of pasta?

Noodle Ring Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Noodle Ring Day Observances
2024WedDec 11Noodle Ring Day
2025ThuDec 11Noodle Ring Day
2026FriDec 11Noodle Ring Day
2027SatDec 11Noodle Ring Day
2028MonDec 11Noodle Ring Day
2029TueDec 11Noodle Ring Day
2030WedDec 11Noodle Ring Day
2031ThuDec 11Noodle Ring Day
2032SatDec 11Noodle Ring Day
2033SunDec 11Noodle Ring Day

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