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Dec7 Fun Holiday – Letter Writing Day

On December 7 bring out your finest stationery and your writing equipment and pen a letter to someone special because it is Letter Writing Day!

Hand and pen writing a letter.

Hand write a letter to a loved one on Letter Writing Day


While it is unclear who created Letter Writing Day, it is apparent that the creators of this unofficial holiday wanted to revive the art and tradition of letter writing and for people to show off their penmanship.

As Old As Written Language

Letter writing is as old as written language - people in ancient civilizations communicated with each other through letters written on a variety of different surfaces. Archaeologists have discovered letters written on wood, metal and ceramic plaques, leather, and fabric. Preserved letters are great historical resources - they are treated by historians as first hand accounts of the social, economic and political conditions prevailing at the time.

The mass production of paper and innovations in transportation made letter writing into an effective way to communicate with family and friends as well as elevated it into an art form. It also became a way for children and young adults to learn how to write and to present their thoughts and ideas cogently.

Decline in Letter Writing

The advent of the telegraph and other modern means of communications in recent years, especially the e-mail, has made letter writing a less popular activity. Today, fewer and fewer people take the time to sit down and write letters to their loved ones. Letter Writing Day aims to change this. The holiday encourages people to hand write letters and send them to their loved ones the old fashioned way - through the post or mail!

How to Celebrate?

  • Write letters to your loved ones and friends. They will appreciate the effort you put in it and will love getting a handwritten note.
  • If you send out newsletters or cards for the holidays, maybe today is the day to add little handwritten letters or notes to them.

Did You Know…

…that until the mid-19th century, envelopes were all handmade? Because of this, envelopes were extremely expensive and most people just folded up their letters and sealed them with a wax seal.

Letter Writing Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Letter Writing Day Observances
2024SatDec 7Letter Writing Day
2025SunDec 7Letter Writing Day
2026MonDec 7Letter Writing Day
2027TueDec 7Letter Writing Day
2028ThuDec 7Letter Writing Day
2029FriDec 7Letter Writing Day
2030SatDec 7Letter Writing Day
2031SunDec 7Letter Writing Day
2032TueDec 7Letter Writing Day
2033WedDec 7Letter Writing Day

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