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Apr12 Fun Holiday – Be Kind to Lawyers Day

Honor the lawyer in your life on Be Kind to Lawyers Day, celebrated annually on the second Tuesday of April.

Thank a lawyer for all their hard work.


Lawyers, they may get a bad rap, but they are essential to the workings of society and the justice system.

Before Tax Day

The unofficial holiday was created by Steve Hughes, an American communication expert as National Be Kind To Lawyers Day in 2008. He chose to celebrate the holiday on the second Tuesday of April because it falls between April Fool’s Day and Tax Day in the United States.

Like Your Lawyer

Be Kind to Lawyers Day, also known as International Be Kind to Lawyers Day, encourages people to be kind to all those who practice law and make sure that the legal system in a country works smoothly.

Even though the legal profession is one of the oldest professions in the history of humankind, lawyers have been a subject of jokes and have been seen as a necessary evil by the public throughout history.

Dispels the Myth

The reason for this hatred towards lawyers stems from a general perception that all lawyers charge more than they should from their clients, and are willing to abuse the legal system in order to get the judgment in their client's favor.

Be Kind to Lawyers Day attempts to dispel this myth and raises awareness about the constructive and important role lawyers lay in ensuring that a society functions smoothly.

How to Celebrate?

  • Send a thank you note to the lawyer in your life. It always helps to have a lawyer on your side!
  • Take your lawyer out for lunch and show them your appreciation for keeping you out of trouble!
  • Watch TV shows or movies with protagonists who are lawyers.
  • Use legal jargon during conversations with family, friends, and colleagues.

Did You Know…

…that a law in ancient Athens made it illegal for lawyers to charge fees for their services?

Be Kind to Lawyers Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Be Kind to Lawyers Day Observances
2022TueApr 12Be Kind to Lawyers Day
2023TueApr 11Be Kind to Lawyers Day
2024TueApr 9Be Kind to Lawyers Day
2025TueApr 8Be Kind to Lawyers Day
2026TueApr 14Be Kind to Lawyers Day
2027TueApr 13Be Kind to Lawyers Day
2028TueApr 11Be Kind to Lawyers Day
2029TueApr 10Be Kind to Lawyers Day
2030TueApr 9Be Kind to Lawyers Day
2031TueApr 8Be Kind to Lawyers Day

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