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Sep11 Fun Holiday – Make Your Bed Day

When you wake up on September 11, make a point to make your bed because it is Make Your Bed Day!

Young female is elegantly making bed in totally white bedroom by lifting blanket.

Making up your bed everyday is a good habit to have.


This unofficial holiday with unknown origins encourages people to make and tidy up their beds in the mornings.

Making up the bed or making the bed are expressions used to refer to the act of fixing the bed to look like it hasn't been slept in. This is usually done in the morning.

Sleep Better

Studies show that inculcating the habit of making beds every morning can increase productivity during the day and can make people happier. The idea is that the organization that goes into making beds can spill over to the tasks a person does during the rest of the day. The act also gives people some time before they start their day to meditate over about what they want to achieve during the day.

A clean and made up bed also helps people sleep faster and better.

How to Celebrate?

  • Make your bed – it take a few minutes and keeps your sleeping areas tidy.
  • If you were looking to update your bed and your bed linen, today is the day. Nothing is more fun than making your bed with newly washed, starched and ironed bed linens.

Did You Know...

...that French king Louis the XIV is thought to have owned 413 beds?

Make Your Bed Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Make Your Bed Day Observances
2024WedSep 11Make Your Bed Day
2025ThuSep 11Make Your Bed Day
2026FriSep 11Make Your Bed Day
2027SatSep 11Make Your Bed Day
2028MonSep 11Make Your Bed Day
2029TueSep 11Make Your Bed Day
2030WedSep 11Make Your Bed Day
2031ThuSep 11Make Your Bed Day
2032SatSep 11Make Your Bed Day
2033SunSep 11Make Your Bed Day

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