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Nov2 Fun Holiday – Deviled Eggs Day

On November 2, boil some eggs, and make some delicious deviled or devilled eggs as they are spelled in the United Kingdom, because it is Deviled Eggs Day.

Healthy deviled eggs on a white platter.

Deviled eggs are also sometimes known as eggs mimosa, stuffed eggs, angel eggs or Russian eggs.


Deviled eggs are a popular snack or party food made from boiled eggs. Traditionally, the yolk is scooped out, mixed with mayo and seasonings and scooped back into the boiled egg whites. Deviled eggs are served cold.

No Sinister Origins

The dish can be traced back to ancient Rome, where it is believed that it was served as the first course. Today, deviled eggs are a very popular appetizer in European and American cuisine. They are traditionally also prepared as part of the Easter meal in many parts of the world. In the United States, deviled eggs are served in a special platter with slots to fit the egg halves.

Food historians have traced the use of the term deviled eggs to the 18th century. During that time, deviled was a culinary term for spicy and hot foods. It is possible that the association came from the connection between the devil and heat in Hell.

How to Celebrate?

  • Make some deviled eggs at home for family and friends or host a deviled eggs buffet for brunch. Use your leftover deviled eggs to make egg salad sandwiches for Sandwich Day on November 3.
  • Experiment with flavors and condiments. Add a little bit of curry powder to the mashed egg yolk and mayo mix for a South Asian flavor or perhaps some wasabi to transport you to Japan? Add avocados or bacon to the mix for an elevated taste.
  • If you are feeling particularly fancy, what about topping the eggs with some caviar or some shaved truffles?

Did You Know…

…that contrary to the popular Equinox myth, one can balance an egg on its end all year long? According to the myth, an egg can be balanced on one end only at the exact moments of the Equinoxes.

Deviled Eggs Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Deviled Eggs Day Observances
2024SatNov 2Deviled Eggs Day
2025SunNov 2Deviled Eggs Day
2026MonNov 2Deviled Eggs Day
2027TueNov 2Deviled Eggs Day
2028ThuNov 2Deviled Eggs Day
2029FriNov 2Deviled Eggs Day
2030SatNov 2Deviled Eggs Day
2031SunNov 2Deviled Eggs Day
2032TueNov 2Deviled Eggs Day
2033WedNov 2Deviled Eggs Day

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