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Jul16 Fun Holiday – Corn Fritters Day

July 16 is Corn Fritters Day. So, take out your best cooking pan, mix a batch of flour, sweet corn, eggs, and milk and whip up a batch of delicious and comforting corn fritters.

Corn fritters are comfort food for many in the Southern U.S.


Fritters are battered and fried - deep or shallow - foods. Most cultures have their versions of fritters and one can usually have them as roadside snacks.

In the Southern United States, where they are a popular snack, corn fritters are served as a side dish with a sweet condiment - usually honey, jam, or cream.

How to Celebrate?

  • Love corn fritters? Corn Fritters Day is a great excuse to have them the whole day long - for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Corn fritters are very easy to make. All you need is sweet corn, flour, eggs, milk, butter, and baking powder. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, fry them, and you have corn fritters! Don't forget to share these with your family and friends!
  • Trying to be healthy? Bake instead of frying these delicious comfort food snacks.
  • Experiment with different toppings that will elevate the flavor of this delicious snack.

Did You Know...

...that every continent in the world, except Antarctica, grows corn for food?

Corn Fritters Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Corn Fritters Day Observances
2024TueJul 16Corn Fritters Day
2025WedJul 16Corn Fritters Day
2026ThuJul 16Corn Fritters Day
2027FriJul 16Corn Fritters Day
2028SunJul 16Corn Fritters Day
2029MonJul 16Corn Fritters Day
2030TueJul 16Corn Fritters Day
2031WedJul 16Corn Fritters Day
2032FriJul 16Corn Fritters Day
2033SatJul 16Corn Fritters Day

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