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Oct19 Fun Holiday – Sweetest Day

The third Saturday in October is celebrated as Sweetest Day in parts of the United States.

Colorful sweets on a table.

Celebrate candy and your loved ones on Sweetest Day.


The unofficial holiday was started in 1921 in Cleveland, Ohio as a way to encourage women to treat their male romantic partners with sweets and candy.

Boosting Business

It is thought that the holiday, which is now popular in parts of Northeastern and Midwestern United States, began as a way for confectioners to boost their business. On the first Sweetest Day, on October 10, 1921, a committee of 12 candy makers distributed sweets and candy to orphans and senior citizens and encouraged people to do the same.

Older Origins

The idea for having a special day to promote candy consumption actually came about a few years before. In 1916, the National Confectioner's Association invented a day called Candy Day to be celebrated on the second Saturday of October. Unfortunately, the First World War overshadowed any such celebrations and the day failed to take off.

Valentine's Day for Women

Over the years, Sweetest Day has become a romantic holiday, where women are encouraged to buy candy and show romantic gestures towards their male partners. Many people consider the day as the reverse of Valentine's Day, where historically men have been expected to do romantic things for their female partners.

10 States

Sweetest Day is not a nation-wide holiday—only people in a handful of cities, including Buffalo, New York; Detroit, Michigan; and Cleveland, Ohio celebrate the holiday.

How to Celebrate?

  • With candy, of course! And remember, you do not have to have a significant other to share or give candy to. You can also treat yourself or your friend to some of their favorite candy.
  • Make candy from scratch at home and share with your co-workers, family, and neighbors.
  • Learn the history behind your favorite candy and sweets.

Did You Know…

…that Halloween, one of the most important holidays for candy companies, was not a big candy holiday until the mid-1950s?

Sweetest Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Sweetest Day Observances
2024SatOct 19Sweetest Day
2025SatOct 18Sweetest Day
2026SatOct 17Sweetest Day
2027SatOct 16Sweetest Day
2028SatOct 21Sweetest Day
2029SatOct 20Sweetest Day
2030SatOct 19Sweetest Day
2031SatOct 18Sweetest Day
2032SatOct 16Sweetest Day
2033SatOct 15Sweetest Day

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