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Jul7 Fun Holiday – Tell the Truth Day

July 7 is Tell the Truth Day, a day dedicated to honesty and the rejection of manipulation and lying.

Resolve to always tell the truth and be honest.

The unofficial holiday encourages people to always tell the truth, even if it is often times inconvenient and hard.

Honesty and truthfulness are virtues that are emphasized by all world religions. Cultures around the world put a premium on integrity and sincerity - people who tell the truth are always honored and celebrated over people known to tell lies.

Tell The Truth Day is also sometimes celebrated on April 2, the day after April's Fool Day, a holiday that encourages pranks and harmless forms of lying.

How to Celebrate?

  • Celebrate honesty by telling the truth the whole day.
  • If you have kids in your life teach them that lying is harmful and tell them the benefits of telling the truth all the time.
  • If you have been lying to a loved one or a family member, today is the day to come clean.

Did You Know…

…that Benjamin Franklin is thought to have popularized the phrase "honesty is the best policy"?

Tell the Truth Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Tell the Truth Day Observances
2024SunJul 7Tell the Truth Day
2025MonJul 7Tell the Truth Day
2026TueJul 7Tell the Truth Day
2027WedJul 7Tell the Truth Day
2028FriJul 7Tell the Truth Day
2029SatJul 7Tell the Truth Day
2030SunJul 7Tell the Truth Day
2031MonJul 7Tell the Truth Day
2032WedJul 7Tell the Truth Day
2033ThuJul 7Tell the Truth Day

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