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Oct9 Fun Holiday – Curious Events Day

Love conspiracy theories? Enjoy pondering about bizarre events that seem to have no explanations? Then Curious Events Day, a made-up holiday celebrated every year on October 9, is just the holiday you need to celebrate!

Crop circles in Italy.

Crop circles have left many curious.


While the origins of this curious holiday are unknown, we suspect that the creators of this day wanted people to stop worrying about the small things in life and focus their attention on all the inexplicable, baffling and peculiar mysteries of the world.

Small or Big Events

Life is full of curious events - big and small. Like for example, where do all those socks disappear to after doing laundry, or why do people open their mouths when applying mascara? Some mysteries have occupied curious and adventurous minds around the world. These include: Who made the stonehenge and for what purpose? Does Bigfoot exist and can ghosts communicate with humans? And then there are the bigger, more philosophical mysteries of life - like what happens when we die or what is what is beyond the edge of the universe?

How to Celebrate?

No matter what kind of curious events interest you, Curious Events Day is a holiday to spend some time being inquisitive about the world around you.

  • Read or watch documentaries about some of the more famous curious incidents and events that have happened in the history of humankind – disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle, sightings of the Yeti and the Loch Ness monster, crop circles, UFO sightings in Roswell.
  • Become a sleuth yourself and try to find explanations of curious events that intrigue you.

Did You Know...

...that the English language idiom curiosity killed the cat, means that getting curious and prying into other people's affairs can get one into trouble?

Curious Events Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Curious Events Day Observances
2024WedOct 9Curious Events Day
2025ThuOct 9Curious Events Day
2026FriOct 9Curious Events Day
2027SatOct 9Curious Events Day
2028MonOct 9Curious Events Day
2029TueOct 9Curious Events Day
2030WedOct 9Curious Events Day
2031ThuOct 9Curious Events Day
2032SatOct 9Curious Events Day
2033SunOct 9Curious Events Day

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