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Sep7 Fun Holiday – Salami Day

September 7 is Salami Day, a annual holiday that honors the delicious and spicy cured Italian sausage that is a perfect wine and cheese accompaniment.

French salami on plate on dark blue wooden background.

Salami is a cured and dried sausage.


Typically made out of fermented and air dried meat, the salami is plural of the Italian word salame and originates from the Italian word for salt. Salami is traditionally made from beef or pork which is mixed with spices like pepper, garlic and wine, though many regional variations exist.

Popular Sausage

The more popular kinds of salami include pepperoni, chorizo and soppressata.

The first Salami Day was held in 2006 in Henrico, Virginia, and was organized by the Salami Appreciation Society. Salami Day is also called National Salami Day in the United States

How to Celebrate?

  • Eat salami as it is, or pair with some crackers, cheese and wine.
  • Learn how to make your own salami.

Did You Know...

...that the salami is cased in animal intestines, usually the same animal from which the meat comes from.

Salami Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Salami Day Observances
2024SatSep 7Salami Day
2025SunSep 7Salami Day
2026MonSep 7Salami Day
2027TueSep 7Salami Day
2028ThuSep 7Salami Day
2029FriSep 7Salami Day
2030SatSep 7Salami Day
2031SunSep 7Salami Day
2032TueSep 7Salami Day
2033WedSep 7Salami Day

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