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Dec1 Fun Holiday – Eat a Red Apple Day

December 1 is Eat a Red Apple Day, an unofficial holiday that celebrates one of the healthiest fruits available in nature's pantry.

Apples, they are delicious, healthy and keep the doctor away.


One of the oldest fruits to be grown and consumed by humans, apples are thought to be native to the Central Asian region. Today, about 10,000 types of apples are grown all over the world.

Apples can come in a variety of colors, though the most common are red and green or golden apples.

Full of Nutrition

Apples are some of the healthiest fruits known to man. They are very low in calories, have high amounts of fiber and Vitamin C and their skin is full of antioxidants. They are thought to have bad cholesterol reducing properties and can help lower the risk of certain types of cancer.

How to Celebrate?

  • With lots of red apples of course! Have caramelized apples with your french toast or pancakes. Have an apple and walnut salad for lunch and pork chops with apples for dinner. And don't forget the apple pie for dessert!

Did You Know…

…that apples from trees that grow from apple seeds tend to be very sour and bitter? Sweet apple trees are grown by grafting.

Eat a Red Apple Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Eat a Red Apple Day Observances
2024SunDec 1Eat a Red Apple Day
2025MonDec 1Eat a Red Apple Day
2026TueDec 1Eat a Red Apple Day
2027WedDec 1Eat a Red Apple Day
2028FriDec 1Eat a Red Apple Day
2029SatDec 1Eat a Red Apple Day
2030SunDec 1Eat a Red Apple Day
2031MonDec 1Eat a Red Apple Day
2032WedDec 1Eat a Red Apple Day
2033ThuDec 1Eat a Red Apple Day

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