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Aug31 Fun Holiday – Eat Outside Day

August 31 is Eat Outside Day. So, pack up a lunch, head on over to the park and commune with nature while you eat your meal under the Sun.

A group of friends enjoying an outdoor dinner party.

Eat Outside Day encourages people to partake in al fresco dining.


This unofficial holiday of unknown origins encourages eating outside as an excuse for people to go outdoors and take in some fresh air and enjoy some time under the Sun.

The day is also known as Eat Outdoors Day or National Eat Outside Day in the US.

How to Celebrate?

  • Pack up a picnic lunch and enjoy it with family and friends in the park.
  • Grill outside in the yard or take a portable grill to the park.
  • If you usually have lunch at your desk at work, what about going out for your lunch break and having your meal under the Sun?

Did You Know…

…that picnics began as a meal break for hunters while hunting?

Eat Outside Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Eat Outside Day Observances
2024SatAug 31Eat Outside Day
2025SunAug 31Eat Outside Day
2026MonAug 31Eat Outside Day
2027TueAug 31Eat Outside Day
2028ThuAug 31Eat Outside Day
2029FriAug 31Eat Outside Day
2030SatAug 31Eat Outside Day
2031SunAug 31Eat Outside Day
2032TueAug 31Eat Outside Day
2033WedAug 31Eat Outside Day

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