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Dec16 Fun Holiday – Chocolate Covered Anything Day

December 16 is all about chocolate because it is Chocolate Covered Anything Day.

Chocolate covered strawberries.

Chocolate Covered Anything Day is a good excuse to dip everything you eat in chocolate.


And we are not complaining because it is the one-day where no one can question our obsession. Want to drizzle chocolate over your salad? Go right ahead, it is Chocolate Covered Anything Day! Add chocolate to your morning cup of coffee? That is a brilliant idea! Eat chocolate covered fruits for lunch? You are in the spirit of the holiday!

Celebrating Chocolate Around the Year

Chocolate is a very popular theme for a fun holiday. Other chocolate themed holidays are Chocolate Pudding Day, Milk Chocolate Day, Chocolate Pecan Pie Day, Chocolate Milkshake Day, Chocolate Cupcake Day, and Chocolate Cake Day.

How to Celebrate?

  • Eat only chocolate covered items on this day. Chocolate covered donuts for breakfast, chocolate covered fruits for lunch and a chocolate rubbed steak for dinner.
  • Get creative and try to experiment by pairing chocolate with dishes and food items you may never think about putting together.

Did You Know…

…that the earliest record of humans consuming chocolate dates back to 1700 B.C.?

Chocolate Covered Anything Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Chocolate Covered Anything Day Observances
2021ThuDec 16Chocolate Covered Anything Day
2022FriDec 16Chocolate Covered Anything Day
2023SatDec 16Chocolate Covered Anything Day
2024MonDec 16Chocolate Covered Anything Day
2025TueDec 16Chocolate Covered Anything Day
2026WedDec 16Chocolate Covered Anything Day
2027ThuDec 16Chocolate Covered Anything Day
2028SatDec 16Chocolate Covered Anything Day
2029SunDec 16Chocolate Covered Anything Day
2030MonDec 16Chocolate Covered Anything Day

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