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Oct7 Fun Holiday – Frappé Day

Whether you pronounce it with an emphasis on the accented e (frapay) or with a silent e (frap), we can all agree that the chilled and frothed coffee is yummy. Celebrate this beverage on October 7 or Frappé Day.

Ice and whipped cream frappe coffee with chocolate topping.

Coffee lovers rejoice! Celebrate with a delicious chilled frappé.


Made by blending instant coffee, milk and crushed ice, Frappés originated in Greece. According to popular lore, the drink was accidentally created by a distributor of Nestle products in the Greek city of Thessaloniki during the 1957 Thessaloniki International Fair. Today, the frappé is a popular coffee drink all over the world.

In the New England region of the United States, the term Frappe (pronounced as frap) refers to milkshakes. Many coffee shops offer Frappés in a variety of flavors and with or without coffee.

How to Celebrate?

  • Visit your favorite coffee shop and treat yourself to a frappé.
  • Start the day with making a frappé from scratch at home. Experiment with flavors - add chocolate to the drink or honey or maple syrup instead of sugar. Add ice cream to it to make it into a decadent dessert drink.

Did You Know…

…that the word frappé comes from the French word for beating or striking together?.

Frappé Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Frappé Day Observances
2024MonOct 7Frappé Day
2025TueOct 7Frappé Day
2026WedOct 7Frappé Day
2027ThuOct 7Frappé Day
2028SatOct 7Frappé Day
2029SunOct 7Frappé Day
2030MonOct 7Frappé Day
2031TueOct 7Frappé Day
2032ThuOct 7Frappé Day
2033FriOct 7Frappé Day

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