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Aug12 Fun Holiday – Middle Child Day

August 12 is Middle Child Day, a day to recognize middle born children and to acknowledge their place in their families.

Celebrate all the middle children in your life.

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Many believe that the order of one’s birth can affect one’s personality. The middle child, or second born of three siblings, is said to suffer from middle child syndrome, a feeling of isolation and exclusion within the family.

Some studies have shown that in a family with multiple children, the oldest and the youngest get the most attention from their parents while those in between tend to be left by themselves, often ignored and forgotten. Middle children often have to fight for the attention of their parents and may sometimes feel like they do not belong to the family.

Independent and Creative

Being a middle child, however, isn't all that bad. Research has shown that being left alone to their own devices can actually be a positive thing for middle children. The fact they may not receive as much attention as their siblings, some studies suggest, can make them independent and creative. The lack of expectations can also help them develop their personality and life skills without any external constraints.

The unofficial holiday with unknown origins is also sometimes called National Middle Child Day and International Middle Child Day.

How to Celebrate

  • If you are a middle child, today is a day to treat yourself - you deserve it.
  • If you know of a middle child make the day special for them – they deserve it.

Did You Know...

...Alfred Adler, an Austrian psychiatrist, was the first one to suggest that birth order can have an effect on a person's personality?

Middle Child Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Middle Child Day Observances
2024MonAug 12Middle Child Day
2025TueAug 12Middle Child Day
2026WedAug 12Middle Child Day
2027ThuAug 12Middle Child Day
2028SatAug 12Middle Child Day
2029SunAug 12Middle Child Day
2030MonAug 12Middle Child Day
2031TueAug 12Middle Child Day
2032ThuAug 12Middle Child Day
2033FriAug 12Middle Child Day

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