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Dec4 Fun Holiday – Wear Brown Shoes Day

On December 4 take our your best brown shoes and wear them because it is Wear Brown Shoes Day.

Man wearing fancy brown shoes.

Today is the day to wear brown shoes.


The origins of this sartorial holiday are unknown, but we can safely assume that the holiday aims to encourage people to change up their daily dressing rituals.

How to Celebrate?

  • Wear brown shoes.
  • If you don’t own a pair, maybe today is the day to go get new brown shoes.
  • If you usually wear brown shoes to work, why not wear a different shade of brown – perhaps tan or camel or russet?

Did You Know…

…that the shoes that Neil Armstrong wore when he first stepped on the Moon were left behind? Some say this was to avoid contamination, while others suggest that it was to compensate for the weight of the Moon rocks the astronauts had collected.

Wear Brown Shoes Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Wear Brown Shoes Day Observances
2024WedDec 4Wear Brown Shoes Day
2025ThuDec 4Wear Brown Shoes Day
2026FriDec 4Wear Brown Shoes Day
2027SatDec 4Wear Brown Shoes Day
2028MonDec 4Wear Brown Shoes Day
2029TueDec 4Wear Brown Shoes Day
2030WedDec 4Wear Brown Shoes Day
2031ThuDec 4Wear Brown Shoes Day
2032SatDec 4Wear Brown Shoes Day
2033SunDec 4Wear Brown Shoes Day

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