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Oct22 Fun Holiday – Caps Lock Day

October 22 IS CAPS LOCK DAY! The day celebrates the Caps Lock on a computer keyboard and was created by Derek Arnold in 2000.

Caps Lock Key.



It is unclear what the exact purpose of this made-up holiday is. Perhaps it encourages people to use the Caps Lock in their online communications. Or maybe it discourages them to use it because using all caps in an electronic communication is generally associated with anger and yelling.


On most keyboards, caps lock is a button or key that when set forces all types letters to be in uppercase. The mode can be switched off by pressing the caps lock key again.

Caps Lock Day is also called International Caps Lock Day and is sometimes celebrated on June 28.

How to Celebrate?

  • Communicate with friends and family using the Caps Lock.

Did You Know…

…that according to some studies, the three most used keys on a typical computer keyboard are the delete key, the key for letter e and the space bar?

Caps Lock Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Caps Lock Day Observances
2024TueOct 22Caps Lock Day
2025WedOct 22Caps Lock Day
2026ThuOct 22Caps Lock Day
2027FriOct 22Caps Lock Day
2028SunOct 22Caps Lock Day
2029MonOct 22Caps Lock Day
2030TueOct 22Caps Lock Day
2031WedOct 22Caps Lock Day
2032FriOct 22Caps Lock Day
2033SatOct 22Caps Lock Day

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