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Jan5 Fun Holiday – Bird Day

January 5 is Bird Day, a day to think about birds in captivity and to take action to ensure that birds are not exploited and are treated humanely.

Swallows on a wire.

Swallows rid our air of pests.

©iStockphoto.com/Astrid Gast

The day, started by Born Free U.S.A. and the Avian Welfare Coalition, aims to focus public attention on the fact that almost 12 per cent of bird species around the world are under threat of extinction.

How to Celebrate?

  • Read more about bird pet adoptions and laws in your country about adopting exotic birds as pets.
  • Do due diligence when getting an exotic or imported bird as a pet. Use only well-reputed pet stores.
  • Spread the word about humanely caring for exotic pet birds.
  • Change your social media display picture to a picture of your favorite bird.
  • Go bird watching and learn more about the birds indigenous to your area.

Did You Know…

…that hummingbirds lay the smallest eggs - the size of a pea - among birds?

Bird Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Bird Day Observances
2024FriJan 5Bird Day
2025SunJan 5Bird Day
2026MonJan 5Bird Day
2027TueJan 5Bird Day
2028WedJan 5Bird Day
2029FriJan 5Bird Day
2030SatJan 5Bird Day
2031SunJan 5Bird Day
2032MonJan 5Bird Day
2033WedJan 5Bird Day

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