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Oct10 Fun Holiday – Handbag Day

Handbag Day is celebrated annually on October 10.

Beautiful leather bags.

Flaunt your favorite handbag to celebrate Handbag Day.


Created in 2013 by Purseblog, a blog that follows the fashion and handbag industry, Handbag Day recognizes the importance of handbags in daily life and in fashion, and acknowledges that a handbag is not only an essential item in a person’s closet, but is also a simple way to make a style statement.

The unofficial holiday encourages people to share pictures of their handbags and show their love for this fashion accessory on social media websites.

How to Celebrate?

  • Go out and get that high-end handbag you have been eyeing the whole year.
  • Is your handbag a place where things go in to get lost? Perhaps today is the time to clean it out and organize it.

Did You Know…

…that in the early 1900s, handbag was a term used to refer to men's hand baggage?

Handbag Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Handbag Day Observances
2024ThuOct 10Handbag Day
2025FriOct 10Handbag Day
2026SatOct 10Handbag Day
2027SunOct 10Handbag Day
2028TueOct 10Handbag Day
2029WedOct 10Handbag Day
2030ThuOct 10Handbag Day
2031FriOct 10Handbag Day
2032SunOct 10Handbag Day
2033MonOct 10Handbag Day

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