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Nov25 Fun Holiday – Shopping Reminder Day

On November 25, get your holiday shopping list organized and get ready to shop till you drop because it is Shopping Reminder Day!

Hand written to-do list on a note pad.

Get organized for the upcoming holiday season.


December is thought to be the year’s busiest shopping season and if you want to avoid the crowds and the stress of last minute shopping now is the time to begin.

Shopping Reminder Day is an unofficial holiday that reminds people that Christmas is only a month away and that they should get a head start on their holiday shopping.

How to Celebrate?

  • Draw out your holiday gift list.
  • Shop online so that you don’t have to go to the stores.

Did You Know...

...that according to some sources the busiest shopping day of the year is the Saturday before Christmas?

Shopping Reminder Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Shopping Reminder Day Observances
2024MonNov 25Shopping Reminder Day
2025TueNov 25Shopping Reminder Day
2026WedNov 25Shopping Reminder Day
2027ThuNov 25Shopping Reminder Day
2028SatNov 25Shopping Reminder Day
2029SunNov 25Shopping Reminder Day
2030MonNov 25Shopping Reminder Day
2031TueNov 25Shopping Reminder Day
2032ThuNov 25Shopping Reminder Day
2033FriNov 25Shopping Reminder Day

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