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Jun30 Fun Holiday – Meteor Watch Day

June 30 is Meteor Watch Day, a day to look up at the skies and behold the wonder of nature's celestial fireworks, meteors.

A shooting star goes across a cobalt blue star filled winter night with an apple tree silhouetted in the foreground.

Meteors are also called shooting stars.

©bigstockphoto.com/Faux Toe

Commonly known as shooting stars, meteors are space particles known as meteoroids that burn up with a flash of light when they enter the Earth's atmosphere. Even though meteors can only be seen by the naked eye when it is dark, meteoroids enter the Earth's atmosphere all the time. It is estimated that about 20 to 25 million meteors weighing about 100 tons in total enter the Earth's atmosphere every day!

Celestial sights to see during the year

Meteor Showers

Meteors can sometimes enter the Earth in clusters. When this happens the event is known as a meteor shower. Some meteor showers occur at the same time every year.

A handy guide to annual meteor showers

The unofficial holiday is also sometimes called National Meteor Watch Day or Meteor Day.

How to Celebrate?

  • Have a meteor watching party with friends - grab a blanket, find a good spot to spread it, lay down on it and gaze over the night sky – you may be able to spot a meteor or two.
  • Remember to check the weather before you step out of the house and always wear appropriate clothing.

Did You Know…

…that meteors that enter the Earth's atmosphere and hit the ground are called meteorites?

Meteor Watch Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Meteor Watch Day Observances
2024SunJun 30Meteor Watch Day
2025MonJun 30Meteor Watch Day
2026TueJun 30Meteor Watch Day
2027WedJun 30Meteor Watch Day
2028FriJun 30Meteor Watch Day
2029SatJun 30Meteor Watch Day
2030SunJun 30Meteor Watch Day
2031MonJun 30Meteor Watch Day
2032WedJun 30Meteor Watch Day
2033ThuJun 30Meteor Watch Day

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