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Jan4 Fun Holiday – Trivia Day

Here is some trivia for you - January 4 is Trivia Day.

A stack of books.

Read a lot of books? Share the knowledge!


The day celebrates information of little value and the individuals who not only remember these bits and pieces of useless information but also enjoy sharing them with others.

Latin Term

The word trivia comes from the Latin term for the intersection of three paths. In the Middle Ages, the word came to refer to the subjects - rhetoric, grammar, and logic - studied by those who followed the Liberal Arts field.

Of Little Importance

The modern day usage of the word trivia to mean something of little importance can be traced back to the publishing of the book - Trivialities, Bits of Information of Little Consequence - by British author Logan Pearsall Smith in 1902.

Knowing and sharing trivia as a hobby and a pastime, however, did not become popular until the 1960s when the weekly newspaper of Columbia University, the Columbia Daily Spectator, published a trivia game on February 5, 1965. Soon, trivia became a popular game played at parties and at a competitive level.

Trivia Day is also sometimes known as National Trivia Day in the United States.

How to Celebrate?

  • Gather up some friends and play Trivial Pursuit.
  • Call friends and family and enlighten them with some trivia.
  • Even better, stop random people and start a conversation with “did you know...?” You may even make some friends.
  • Participate in a trivia night or spend the day filling your brains with more random trivia.

Did You Know…

…that the term factoid, which is now used as a synonym of trivia originally referred to a piece of unreliable information that is accepted as a fact because it is repeated very often?

Trivia Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Trivia Day Observances
2024ThuJan 4Trivia Day
2025SatJan 4Trivia Day
2026SunJan 4Trivia Day
2027MonJan 4Trivia Day
2028TueJan 4Trivia Day
2029ThuJan 4Trivia Day
2030FriJan 4Trivia Day
2031SatJan 4Trivia Day
2032SunJan 4Trivia Day
2033TueJan 4Trivia Day

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