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Oct31 Fun Holiday – Magic Day

October 31 is Magic Day, a day that commemorates the life and times of one of the world’s best-known magicians Harry Houdini.

Ace card hidden under sleeve.

Bring some magic in your life on Magic Day.


Best known for his escapist acts, Houdini died on this date in 1926 and this unofficial holiday was created a year after Harry Houdini's death as Houdini Day. The Society of American Magicians also organizes a National Magic Week every year from October 25 to October 31 as a way to celebrate and appreciate the art and science behind magic.

Magic Events

Practitioners of magic and magic enthusiasts all over the world celebrate the day by organizing magic events and performances.

Born as Erik Weisz in Hungary, Harry Houdini is still one of the world's best known escapologist and stunt performer. His famous escape acts include the milk can escape where he escaped after being sealed in a milk can filled with water and the straightjacket act, in which he escaped after being straitjacketed and suspended by his ankles from a crane.

In addition to being an escape artist, Houdini was also a silent film actor and an avid aviator.

Magic Day is also known as National Magic Day in the United States.

How to Celebrate?

  • Learn a few magic tricks and entertain your family and friends.
  • Read about the science and art behind magic acts.
  • Attend a magic show.
  • Watch movies that Harry Houdini acted in. Some of his more famous works include The Master Mystery and The Man from Beyond.
  • Since it is also Halloween on October 31, why not go crazy with the magic theme? Dress like a magician, decorate your home with a magic theme and entertain trick or treaters with magic acts.

Did You Know...

...that historians believe that the first magic performance was held in 2700 BCE by an Egyptian magician called Dedi?

Magic Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Magic Day Observances
2024ThuOct 31Magic Day
2025FriOct 31Magic Day
2026SatOct 31Magic Day
2027SunOct 31Magic Day
2028TueOct 31Magic Day
2029WedOct 31Magic Day
2030ThuOct 31Magic Day
2031FriOct 31Magic Day
2032SunOct 31Magic Day
2033MonOct 31Magic Day

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