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Aug6 Fun Holiday – Fresh Breath Day

August 6 is Fresh Breath Day; a holiday we think should be celebrated every day of the year.

Take care of your dental health on Fresh Breath Day.


On Fresh Breath Day we suggest that you spend some time learning more about oral health and how to take care of your teeth and maintain fresh breath every day.

How to Celebrate?

  • If you are overdue or up for an appointment with your dentist, maybe today is the time to make an appointment with them.
  • Replenish your stash of mints and breath fresheners.
  • What about making your own organic breath fresheners? Chew on a pod of cardamom or a stick of cinnamon to get rid of that bad breath.

Did You Know…

…that the use of mouth fresheners can be dated back to 2700 BC in Chinese and Indian medicine?

Fresh Breath Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Fresh Breath Day Observances
2024TueAug 6Fresh Breath Day
2025WedAug 6Fresh Breath Day
2026ThuAug 6Fresh Breath Day
2027FriAug 6Fresh Breath Day
2028SunAug 6Fresh Breath Day
2029MonAug 6Fresh Breath Day
2030TueAug 6Fresh Breath Day
2031WedAug 6Fresh Breath Day
2032FriAug 6Fresh Breath Day
2033SatAug 6Fresh Breath Day

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