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Feb15 Fun Holiday – Gumdrop Day

February 15 is Gumdrop Day. Celebrate this day by treating yourself to a bowlful of the colorful, chewy, and delicious candy.

Close up of assorted multicolored gumdrops.

Gumdrops come in many flavors and colors.


This unofficial and fun holiday is also called National Gumdrop Day in the United States.

Bright Colored Candy

Gumdrops are brightly colored candy or sweets made of pectin or gelatin. The cone-shaped treats are typically covered in sugar and are usually fruit flavored.

Gumdrops that are flavored with artificial spices like cinnamon and mint are called spice drops.

Decoration for Cakes

Generally cone shaped, gumdrops are often used to decorate cakes and gingerbread houses during Christmas time.

Similar sweet tooth holidays are Gummi Worm Day and Candy Corn Day.

How to Celebrate?

  • It’s easy to celebrate this day. Just get a bag full of delicious gumdrops and enjoy them to your heart's content.
  • Try and make gumdrops in your own kitchen. Share them with your family and friends.

Did You Know…

…that the world gelatin comes from Latin gelat, which means to freeze?

Gumdrop Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Gumdrop Day Observances
2024ThuFeb 15Gumdrop Day
2025SatFeb 15Gumdrop Day
2026SunFeb 15Gumdrop Day
2027MonFeb 15Gumdrop Day
2028TueFeb 15Gumdrop Day
2029ThuFeb 15Gumdrop Day
2030FriFeb 15Gumdrop Day
2031SatFeb 15Gumdrop Day
2032SunFeb 15Gumdrop Day
2033TueFeb 15Gumdrop Day

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