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Sep17 Fun Holiday – International Country Music Day

Celebrate all things country on September 17 or International Country Music Day. The unofficial holiday was created in 2003 as a way to bring together musicians and fans of the popular music genre, and to increase the number of country music aficionados around the world.

Country music is an uniquely American genre of music that celebrates working class life.

Enjoy some good quality country music today.


Country music is a type of music that originated in eastern and southern United States during the 1920s. A combination of several styles, country music grew out of folk music brought to America by European immigrants. Unlike the prevailing European music at that time, however, country music took on a very distinct American flavor when it came to song lyrics. Singers and musicians avoided lyrics about love and romance, and instead sang about the daily life struggles of an ordinary working class person.

Many Styles

Stylistically, country music usually includes harmonies that are guided by instruments like the banjo, guitars and the harmonica.

As country music has evolved over the year, several sub-genres have emerged. Some of these include honky-tonk, bluegrass music, rockabilly, country rock and country pop. Today, country music is some of the most widely heard music in the United States and in many other parts of the world.

In the U.S., people celebrate National Country Music Day on July 4.

How to Celebrate?

  • Celebrate this musical holiday by listening to all your favorite country music songs.
  • If you have never been introduced to this genre of music, today is the perfect reason to take some time off, put in your ear phones and discover the wonderful, melodious world of country music.
  • Visit a local country music concert or host a country music party at home. Play country music and have your guests come dressed as their favorite country music artist.

Did You Know…

…that Nashville, Tennessee is considered to be the home of country music?

International Country Music Day Observances

Fun Holiday: International Country Music Day Observances
2024TueSep 17International Country Music Day
2025WedSep 17International Country Music Day
2026ThuSep 17International Country Music Day
2027FriSep 17International Country Music Day
2028SunSep 17International Country Music Day
2029MonSep 17International Country Music Day
2030TueSep 17International Country Music Day
2031WedSep 17International Country Music Day
2032FriSep 17International Country Music Day
2033SatSep 17International Country Music Day

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