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Jul26 Fun Holiday – Uncle and Aunt Day

Honor all the awesome uncles and aunts in your life on Uncle and Aunt Day. The unofficial holiday is celebrated every year on July 26.

This holiday is a good opportunity to tell your uncles and aunts how much you love them.


Uncles and aunts are fun to spend time with. They are just like parents except without the rules and regulations. They buy you gifts that your parents won't, dote on you, take you on fun vacations, and they are a huge part of your support system. So, celebrate your uncles and aunts on Uncle and Aunt Day.

In many western cultures, the term uncle and aunt is reserved for close family members, related by marriage or through genetics. This is in contrast to several other cultures, especially in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, where anyone who is from the generation of one's parent is referred to as an uncle or an aunt.

How to Celebrate?

  • Call your uncles and aunts or visit them to wish them a happy day.
  • Make them a nice meal or take them out to thank them for all the fun things you have done with them and learned from them.

Did You Know…

…that "say uncle" is a phrase popularly used in the United States and Canada and is usually used to concede defeat in a game or match?

Uncle and Aunt Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Uncle and Aunt Day Observances
2024FriJul 26Uncle and Aunt Day
2025SatJul 26Uncle and Aunt Day
2026SunJul 26Uncle and Aunt Day
2027MonJul 26Uncle and Aunt Day
2028WedJul 26Uncle and Aunt Day
2029ThuJul 26Uncle and Aunt Day
2030FriJul 26Uncle and Aunt Day
2031SatJul 26Uncle and Aunt Day
2032MonJul 26Uncle and Aunt Day
2033TueJul 26Uncle and Aunt Day

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