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May20 Fun Holiday – Be a Millionaire Day

Be A Millionaire Day is on May 20. On this day pretend to be a millionaire or start working on your plans that you think will make you a millionaire.

Start working on making your dream to become a millionaire come true on Be A Millionaire Day.


A millionaire is someone who is worth a million units in his or her country's currency. According to the 2014 Global Wealth Report, a study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group, there were about 16 million millionaire households in 2013. The United States had the highest number of millionaires at 7.1 million households, with China coming in second at 2.4 million millionaire households.

How to Celebrate?

  • Get started on making your life plans possible. If that means going to school or getting a new degree, why not enroll in school today?
  • If you have ever planned to own a business, maybe it is time to start making your business plans.

Did You Know…

…that John Jacob Astor was thought to be the first multi-millionaire in the United States? His estimated net worth as a percentage of the gross domestic product of the United States at the time of his death in 1884, makes him the 5th richest American in history.

Be a Millionaire Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Be a Millionaire Day Observances
2024MonMay 20Be a Millionaire Day
2025TueMay 20Be a Millionaire Day
2026WedMay 20Be a Millionaire Day
2027ThuMay 20Be a Millionaire Day
2028SatMay 20Be a Millionaire Day
2029SunMay 20Be a Millionaire Day
2030MonMay 20Be a Millionaire Day
2031TueMay 20Be a Millionaire Day
2032ThuMay 20Be a Millionaire Day
2033FriMay 20Be a Millionaire Day

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