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Oct11 Fun Holiday – It's My Party Day

October 11 is It’s My Party Day, a great excuse to have a party for no reason at all! All you need to do is to invite all your friends and family to a fun party!

Party! Group of friends having fun together.

It’s My Party Day is a good reason to have a party.


While the origins of this unofficial holiday are unknown, it is safe to say that it encourages people throwing a party to celebrate themselves.

How to Celebrate?

While one never needs a reason to have a party, It’s My Party Day is a great justification for throwing a bash just because you can! Here are some ways you can celebrate this fun holiday:

  • Have a party of course! Send out invitations, decorate the venue, make all your favorite party foods, put on some fun music and let the party begin!
  • Too tired to organize a party by yourself? What about meeting your friends at a restaurant or at the park? Who says parties have to be at home?

Did You Know...

...that according to the Guinness Book of World Records the longest dance party lasted for 55 hours? The party took place in Wexford, Ireland on October 29, 2006.

It's My Party Day Observances

Fun Holiday: It's My Party Day Observances
2023WedOct 11It's My Party Day
2024FriOct 11It's My Party Day
2025SatOct 11It's My Party Day
2026SunOct 11It's My Party Day
2027MonOct 11It's My Party Day
2028WedOct 11It's My Party Day
2029ThuOct 11It's My Party Day
2030FriOct 11It's My Party Day
2031SatOct 11It's My Party Day
2032MonOct 11It's My Party Day

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