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Nov26 Fun Holiday – Cake Day

Cake Day is on November 26. Have your cake and eat it too on one of the greatest holidays ever invented.

Family enjoying cake in café together.

Eat all cake all day long on Cake Day.


Also known as National Cake Day in the United States, this unofficial holiday whose origins are unknown, celebrates and honors cake, the food of champions.

Used for Religious Ceremonies

Cake has been everyone's favorite dessert since ancient times, though the earliest cakes were more like bread and were usually sweetened with honey. These cakes were mostly used for religious purposes and in religious and cultural ceremonies and were usually round in shape since they were made and molded by hands.

These days, advances in baking technology have made cake baking and decorating a specialized culinary field with bakers and decorators constantly trying to create elaborate, gravity defying cakes.

Symbol of Celebration

In modern times, cake is seen as a symbol of celebration. Most special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and weddings prominently feature cakes.

In popular culture, the term cake day is also sometimes used to refer to one's birthday. On the popular social media website Reddit, the term is used when marking the anniversary of the day a member's username was born. Users usually add an icon of a cake next to their names on that day.

How to Celebrate?

  • Eat cake! For breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Make your favorite cake and don't forget to share it with friends and family.
  • Have a cake baking contest at work. Whoever wins for the best cake gets to take the leftovers (if any) home.
  • If the day coincides with Thanksgiving in the United States, replace the pie at your thanksgiving table with cake. Or even better just add cake to the array of desserts.

Did You Know…

…that the term cake comes from the Old Norse word kaka?

Cake Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Cake Day Observances
2024TueNov 26Cake Day
2025WedNov 26Cake Day
2026ThuNov 26Cake Day
2027FriNov 26Cake Day
2028SunNov 26Cake Day
2029MonNov 26Cake Day
2030TueNov 26Cake Day
2031WedNov 26Cake Day
2032FriNov 26Cake Day
2033SatNov 26Cake Day

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