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Apr3 Fun Holiday – World Party Day

April 3 is World Party Day. Also known as P Day, it is an annually celebrated unofficial holiday that aims to achieve social change and harmony by encouraging people to celebrate life by partying.

Group of kids having fun at a birthday party.

Party for social change on World Party Day.


The idea behind the holiday is that the opposite of war and suffering should not be to passively observe peace. Instead, people must actively participate in the celebration of life.

First in 1996

The holiday is inspired by the ending of the 1995 novel, Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel, by Vanna Bonta, where a countdown is set to April 3, 2000 when a worldwide synchronized celebration occurs. The first Party Day was held around the world in 1996.

How to Celebrate?

  • Research suggests that meeting new people from different cultures helps cultivate intercultural understanding and harmony. So why not throw a party for your family and friends and ask them to bring their friends and coworkers along?
  • Organize a block party. Peace begins at home and by being neighborly. Spend time with your neighbors and celebrate your neighborhood.
  • What about partying for a cause? Host a party and have your guests contribute to a cause close to your and your heart.
  • Whatever you do and whoever you party with, remember that you need no excuse to celebrate life and to be good to others.

Did You Know…

…that the use of the word, party, to refer to a gathering where people have a good time dates back to 1922?

World Party Day Observances

Fun Holiday: World Party Day Observances
2024WedApr 3World Party Day
2025ThuApr 3World Party Day
2026FriApr 3World Party Day
2027SatApr 3World Party Day
2028MonApr 3World Party Day
2029TueApr 3World Party Day
2030WedApr 3World Party Day
2031ThuApr 3World Party Day
2032SatApr 3World Party Day
2033SunApr 3World Party Day

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