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Nov11 Fun Holiday – Origami Day

November 11 is Origami Day. First observed in Japan, the unofficial holiday honors the ancient Japanese art of creating intricate objects and complex shapes out of square pieces of paper.

The origami crane is one of the most recognized origami models around the world.


Origami, which comes from the Japanese words, ori meaning folding, and kami meaning paper, originated in Japan in the 6 century, though for a long period of time the art was preserved for religious ceremonies. By the 17th century, origami had become mainstream in Japanese society and was being used for decorative and ceremonial purposes. In recent years, origami has become popular with origami societies and competitions springing up all around the world.

No Instruments

While traditionally origami only involves folding paper and cannot include the use of any scissors or knives, modern-day origami artists do not make any distinction between sculptures that are made just by folding paper and kirigami – a variation of origami that creates models by cutting and gluing together paper.

How to Celebrate?

  • If you have never tried origami, maybe today is the day to learn? Start with the crane - one of the most recognized origami models around the world.
  • If you already know origami, use today to start learning a new origami technique or working on a new, complex model.

Did You Know…

…that Origami Day also coincides with the day in 1918 when World War One ended?

Origami Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Origami Day Observances
2024MonNov 11Origami Day
2025TueNov 11Origami Day
2026WedNov 11Origami Day
2027ThuNov 11Origami Day
2028SatNov 11Origami Day
2029SunNov 11Origami Day
2030MonNov 11Origami Day
2031TueNov 11Origami Day
2032ThuNov 11Origami Day
2033FriNov 11Origami Day

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