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Jul28 Fun Holiday – Milk Chocolate Day

July 28 is Milk Chocolate Day, everyone's favorite type of chocolate.

Embrace your inner chocaholic on Milk Chocolate Day.


Made of cocoa solids - cocoa paste and cocoa butter - mixed with dry or condensed milk and sugar, milk chocolate is one of the most common types of chocolates available around the world. The other types of chocolates include dark chocolate and white chocolate.

Native to The Americas

Chocolate is an edible treat made from the extracts of the cocoa (cacao) bean found in the cocoa pod. Native to the Americas, each pod on a cacao tree has up to 30 to 50 seeds that are fermented, dried, and roasted to make cocoa solids. Chocolatiers then mix the cocoa paste, also known as chocolate liquor, and the cocoa butter with milk and sugar to make milk chocolate.

Types of Chocolate

Dark chocolate is usually made with little or no milk and has less sugar than milk chocolate. White chocolate on the other hand only has sugar, milk and cocoa butter.

It is believed that milk chocolate was first created as a drink in the mid-19th century in Germany. The first milk chocolate in the form of a bar that we all recognize today was created by Swiss chocolatier Daniel Peter in collaboration with Henri Nestlé, the founder of the chocolate company Nestlé.

How to Celebrate?

Here are some ways you can celebrate this sweet holiday:

  • Treat yourself to a bar (or two) of milk chocolate.
  • What about baking a batch of milk chocolate cookies or a vanilla cake with milk chocolate ganache icing at home? Share with family and friends.
  • Add milk chocolate to all your meals. Have milk chocolate chip pancakes with milk chocolate syrup for breakfast. Have a milk chocolate shake for a snack and milk chocolate bars for dessert after lunch and dinner.

Did You Know…

…that even though chocolate was an integral part of Aztec culture, the Aztecs couldn't themselves grow cacao?

Milk Chocolate Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Milk Chocolate Day Observances
2024SunJul 28Milk Chocolate Day
2025MonJul 28Milk Chocolate Day
2026TueJul 28Milk Chocolate Day
2027WedJul 28Milk Chocolate Day
2028FriJul 28Milk Chocolate Day
2029SatJul 28Milk Chocolate Day
2030SunJul 28Milk Chocolate Day
2031MonJul 28Milk Chocolate Day
2032WedJul 28Milk Chocolate Day
2033ThuJul 28Milk Chocolate Day

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