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Dec13 Fun Holiday – Official Lost and Found Day

The second Friday of December is celebrated every year as Official Lost and Found Day.

Official Lost and Found Day is observed every year on the second Friday of December.

Make an extra effort to find the things that you have misplaced.


Losing things is part of life and if what we have lost is not very important, most people tend to stop looking for it after trying for a while. In fact, lost and found offices all around the world are full of things that people lost and have forgotten about.

Celebrated first in 2012, Official Lost and Found Day is an unofficial holiday that reminds people to not give up on the things they have lost and to increase their efforts to find them.

How to Celebrate?

  • If you have lost something or if you forgot an item somewhere, make an effort to track it down. If it is a personal object, chances are that someone is holding it for the owner to claim it.
  • Though not technically lost, items sold at thrift stores and flea markets are certainly forgotten. Take this day to visit your local thrift store and find something that will be loved in your home.
  • If you are prone to losing things, perhaps today is the day to figure out a way to make sure you don't lose things frequently. Some ideas include putting a name tag and contact information on your belongings and creating a process to check if you have all your things with you when leaving the home, getting off public transport and leaving any public area.

Did You Know...

...that the lost and found system in Japan today dates back to a code written in 718?

Official Lost and Found Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Official Lost and Found Day Observances
2024FriDec 13Official Lost and Found Day
2025FriDec 12Official Lost and Found Day
2026FriDec 11Official Lost and Found Day
2027FriDec 10Official Lost and Found Day
2028FriDec 8Official Lost and Found Day
2029FriDec 14Official Lost and Found Day
2030FriDec 13Official Lost and Found Day
2031FriDec 12Official Lost and Found Day
2032FriDec 10Official Lost and Found Day
2033FriDec 9Official Lost and Found Day

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