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May28 Fun Holiday – Hamburger Day

Celebrate the humble, but delicious hamburger on May 28, Hamburger Day.

Sink your teeth into a delicious hamburger.


While the hamburger owes its name to the city of Hamburg in Germany, the hamburger, as it is known and loved today worldwide – a meat patty wedged inside two slices of bun, is distinctly an American invention.

The unofficial holiday is also sometimes known as National Hamburger Day.

How to Celebrate?

  • Eat hamburgers for all your meals on this day.
  • Gourmet up your burgers by adding toppings like caramelized onions and mushrooms and blue cheese.
  • Host a backyard barbecue and treat your guests to delicious homemade burgers.

Did You Know…

…that during the Second World War, American soldiers tried to rename the hamburger as liberty burger.

Hamburger Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Hamburger Day Observances
2024TueMay 28Hamburger Day
2025WedMay 28Hamburger Day
2026ThuMay 28Hamburger Day
2027FriMay 28Hamburger Day
2028SunMay 28Hamburger Day
2029MonMay 28Hamburger Day
2030TueMay 28Hamburger Day
2031WedMay 28Hamburger Day
2032FriMay 28Hamburger Day
2033SatMay 28Hamburger Day

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