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Sep15 Fun Holiday – Make a Hat Day

On September 15, don your creative hat, gather your craft supplies, channel the secret milliner in your soul and make yourself a hat because it is Make a Hat Day.

Newborn baby sleeping in owl hat.

Make a hat for your friend's newborn.


We can all safely assume that the unknown originator of this unofficial holiday aimed to encourage people to look their very best by sporting a hat they made from scratch.

Throughout history people have used hats to protect themselves from the elements, for religious purposes, and to denote profession, class and status. These days, hats have become fashion accessories, worn by people to reflect their personalities and style.

How to Celebrate?

  • Make hats using a variety of materials – yarn, felt, paper, and cloth. Go crazy embellishing it.
  • Wear a hat that you made to work.
  • Have a hat themed party, and have your guests come dressed in hats they have made, decorate the venue with hats and serve hat shaped cupcakes.
  • Host a hat making party. Gather around with your friends with craft supplies and spend an evening designing and making hats.
  • Hold a hat contest, where everyone makes their own hat and whoever has the best and the most creative hat wins.

Did You Know...

...that the word milliner, which refers to a person who designs, makes, or sells hats, is named after the Italian city of Milan? Originally the word was used for residents of Milan.

Make a Hat Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Make a Hat Day Observances
2024SunSep 15Make a Hat Day
2025MonSep 15Make a Hat Day
2026TueSep 15Make a Hat Day
2027WedSep 15Make a Hat Day
2028FriSep 15Make a Hat Day
2029SatSep 15Make a Hat Day
2030SunSep 15Make a Hat Day
2031MonSep 15Make a Hat Day
2032WedSep 15Make a Hat Day
2033ThuSep 15Make a Hat Day

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