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May19 Fun Holiday – May Ray Day

On May 19, step out of your offices and homes and soak in the Sun's rays because it is May Ray Day. While the origins of the day are unknown, the day encourages people to enjoy some time under the Sun.

Have some fun in the Sun on May Ray Day.


Last Month of Spring Or Fall

According to meteorologists, the month of May is the last month of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. It is when the temperatures start raising and the anticipation of summer is evident all around us - in stores with summer clothing and agricultural produce, in nature with summer flowers and plants getting ready to bloom, and in our schools where students are getting ready for the upcoming summer vacations. This makes it the best time of the year to get some sunshine and enjoy the Sun before it gets too hot.

In the Southern Hemisphere, May is the last month of fall (autumn). If you live below the Equator, then celebrate May Ray Day by spending some time under the Sun before the temperatures fall.

How to Celebrate?

  • Studies have shown that time in the Sun can be good for one's physical and mental health. So, wear a hat and your sunglasses and enjoy some May Sun.
  • Be careful, though, too much time in the Sun can be damaging to your skin. So make sure you take sunscreen with you.

Did You Know…

...that the month of May is named after Maia, the Greek goddess? In Greek mythology, she is the eldest of the 7 Pleiades and the mother of Hermes.

May Ray Day Observances

Fun Holiday: May Ray Day Observances
2024SunMay 19May Ray Day
2025MonMay 19May Ray Day
2026TueMay 19May Ray Day
2027WedMay 19May Ray Day
2028FriMay 19May Ray Day
2029SatMay 19May Ray Day
2030SunMay 19May Ray Day
2031MonMay 19May Ray Day
2032WedMay 19May Ray Day
2033ThuMay 19May Ray Day

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