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Jan17 Fun Holiday – Benjamin Franklin Day

January 17 is celebrated worldwide as Benjamin Franklin Day.

100 US dollar bills are also known as "Benjamins."


Born on this day in 1706 to a soap and candle maker in England, Benjamin Franklin grew up to become one of the most well-known and celebrated Americans in history.

Founding Father

Ben Franklin was a polymath - someone who is an expert on a variety of different subjects. In addition to being one of America’s founding fathers, Franklin was a prolific inventor, author, printer, politician, diplomat, musician, and postmaster. The fact that he stopped attending school at the age of 10 makes him one of the most impressive person in American and world history.

A Widely Read Author

Franklin was a Freemason who published several books under the pseudonym, Richard Saunders. One of his most famous works is called Poor Richard's Almanack, an annual almanac that included poems, weather, and astrological information. For the 25 years that it was in publication - the first one came out in 1732—it was the most widely read almanac in the American colonies.

On the 100 Dollar Bill

The American 100 dollar bill features a picture of Franklin. Because of this, the bills are sometimes also referred to as Benjamins.

How to Celebrate?

  • Celebrate this all-round genius by learning more about his life and achievements.

Did You Know...

…that the concept of Daylight Saving Time (DST) is mistakenly attributed to Benjamin Franklin? It was actually first proposed by George Vernon Hudson in 1895.

Benjamin Franklin Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Benjamin Franklin Day Observances
2024WedJan 17Benjamin Franklin Day
2025FriJan 17Benjamin Franklin Day
2026SatJan 17Benjamin Franklin Day
2027SunJan 17Benjamin Franklin Day
2028MonJan 17Benjamin Franklin Day
2029WedJan 17Benjamin Franklin Day
2030ThuJan 17Benjamin Franklin Day
2031FriJan 17Benjamin Franklin Day
2032SatJan 17Benjamin Franklin Day
2033MonJan 17Benjamin Franklin Day

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