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Jan3 Fun Holiday – Festival of Sleep Day

Take a break on January 3 or Festival of Sleep Day by sleeping in, taking naps or just staying in bed the whole day long.

Girl sleeping with her teddy.

Get ready for the new year by catching up on some sleep.


While the origins of this unofficial holiday are unknown, we assume that the holiday encourages people to catch up on their sleep post-holiday and New Year celebrations.

Important Sleep

Sleep is one of the most common and important human activity. Sleep allows human bodies to rest, heal, develop and can help memory processing and preservation. Lack of sleep or poor sleep can have multiple negative effects on the human body and mind.

How to Celebrate?

  • This one is straightforward. Get into your favorite PJs, crawl into bed and get out only when you want to.
  • They say that clean bed linen and an uncluttered and temperature controlled environment facilitates good sleep. Take stock of your sleeping environment on this day, and fix anything you think may be affecting your sleep.
  • Need more rest? Try Public Sleeping Day in February.

Did You Know…

…that an irrational fear of sleep is known as Somniphobia?

Festival of Sleep Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Festival of Sleep Day Observances
2024WedJan 3Festival of Sleep Day
2025FriJan 3Festival of Sleep Day
2026SatJan 3Festival of Sleep Day
2027SunJan 3Festival of Sleep Day
2028MonJan 3Festival of Sleep Day
2029WedJan 3Festival of Sleep Day
2030ThuJan 3Festival of Sleep Day
2031FriJan 3Festival of Sleep Day
2032SatJan 3Festival of Sleep Day
2033MonJan 3Festival of Sleep Day

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