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Oct21 Fun Holiday – Count your Buttons Day

October 21 is Count Your Buttons Day. As far as made-up holidays go, this one is a head scratcher.

Button up for Count Your Buttons Day.


It is unclear what the unknown creators of this unofficial holiday aimed to do. Maybe they wanted people to count the buttons in their button stash or count the number of buttons on their shirt? Or perhaps they hoped that people spent the day counting buttons on the electrical appliances they come across on this day?

Decorative and Practical

Buttons have been part of human fashion since antiquity. Until the 13th century, however, buttons were used mostly for decoration and as jewelry and were made out of sea shells, bones and ivory. Buttons as a way to attach two pieces of fabric together came about in Europe in the 1200s - the first button maker's guild was formed in 1250 in France.

In the late 1800s, buttons became a way to proclaim one's political loyalty - a trend that is still going strong in the United States. The first political button was issued at the inauguration of President George Washington in 1789. Today, buttons with candidates faces and logos are worn by supporters during elections.

How to Celebrate?

  • Start a button collection. There are many different types of buttons and some vintage buttons are actually priceless.
  • Count all the buttons in your sewing kit.
  • Why not celebrate the day by making sweet treats that look like buttons?

Did You Know…

…that the oldest button ever found is 5000 years old? It was discovered in the Indus valley, in a territory now part of Pakistan.

Count your Buttons Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Count your Buttons Day Observances
2024MonOct 21Count your Buttons Day
2025TueOct 21Count your Buttons Day
2026WedOct 21Count your Buttons Day
2027ThuOct 21Count your Buttons Day
2028SatOct 21Count your Buttons Day
2029SunOct 21Count your Buttons Day
2030MonOct 21Count your Buttons Day
2031TueOct 21Count your Buttons Day
2032ThuOct 21Count your Buttons Day
2033FriOct 21Count your Buttons Day

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