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Sep16 Fun Holiday – Collect Rocks Day

On September 16 take a walk to the park, the beach, or to the jewelers, and collect some pretty looking rocks. Why, you ask? Because it is Collect Rocks Day.

Girl in tide pool collecting rocks.

Get acquainted with the geology of the Earth by collecting rocks.


While the origins of this obviously made up holiday are unknown, we can safely assume that the day encourages people to learn more about geology. Geology is the study of the Earth, its materials and the processes through which these materials are created.

Three Major Types

Rocks are tightly compacted formations of minerals and are found all over the lithosphere, the top solid layer of the Earth. Geologists classify rocks into three major types based on texture, composition, and size. These types are igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. Almost 65% of the Earth is made up of igneous rocks, though over time one type of rock can turn into another due to exposure to the Earth's atmosphere and environmental factors. This transition between different type of rocks is called a rock cycle.

How to Celebrate?

Rocks have been an integral part of human activity since antiquity. Some of the earliest weapons and musical instruments were made of rocks. Mining of rocks has made it possible for humans to use metals and other materials for developing technology. Here are some ways you can show your appreciation for rocks and their importance in our daily lives:

  • Take a walk and collect different kinds of rocks - who knows you may just find a new fossil hiding in the rocks?
  • Learn more about the different types of rocks so that you can identify the types of rocks you just collected.
  • Not sure what to do with the rocks? What about painting on them and displaying them creatively?
  • If painting is not your thing, but you are still creatively inclined, why not spend the day learning about rock art? Rock art is art made on rock. Ancient humans used it as a way to record significant events and as part of rituals. If there is an archealogical site close to where you live, that features such art, why not take a trip to see it?

Did You Know…

…that petrology is the scientific study of rocks?

Collect Rocks Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Collect Rocks Day Observances
2024MonSep 16Collect Rocks Day
2025TueSep 16Collect Rocks Day
2026WedSep 16Collect Rocks Day
2027ThuSep 16Collect Rocks Day
2028SatSep 16Collect Rocks Day
2029SunSep 16Collect Rocks Day
2030MonSep 16Collect Rocks Day
2031TueSep 16Collect Rocks Day
2032ThuSep 16Collect Rocks Day
2033FriSep 16Collect Rocks Day

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