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Jul3 Fun Holiday – Compliment Your Mirror Day

July 3 is Compliment Your Mirror Day, a day to encourage self-acceptance and to acknowledge that you are beautiful, smart, and strong.

Reaffirm your self-worth on Compliment Your Mirror Day.

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In today's fast-paced world, it is sometimes easy to forget to celebrate who we are and to take stock of the fact that we are unique and wonderful. Compliment Your Mirror Day is an unofficial holiday of unknown origins that inspires us to look in the mirror and affirm that we are special and beautiful inside and out.

Raising Self-Worth

Also sometimes known as National Compliment Your Mirror Day in the United States, this holiday is not just about outer beauty. It is about raising our self-worth and recognizing that we have a lot to contribute to our families, workplaces, societies, and communities.

How to Celebrate?

  • Compliment the person you see in the mirror. Tell them that they are awesome and an amazing human being!
  • Be nice to yourself – treat yourself to something you have always wanted.
  • Pamper yourself to a day at the spa or a day of quiet meditation or a long overdue vacation – you’ll find that feeling better about oneself can make everything else in life better.

Did You Know...

...that ancient humans built mirrors using obsidian - naturally occurring volcanic glass?

Compliment Your Mirror Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Compliment Your Mirror Day Observances
2024WedJul 3Compliment Your Mirror Day
2025ThuJul 3Compliment Your Mirror Day
2026FriJul 3Compliment Your Mirror Day
2027SatJul 3Compliment Your Mirror Day
2028MonJul 3Compliment Your Mirror Day
2029TueJul 3Compliment Your Mirror Day
2030WedJul 3Compliment Your Mirror Day
2031ThuJul 3Compliment Your Mirror Day
2032SatJul 3Compliment Your Mirror Day
2033SunJul 3Compliment Your Mirror Day

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