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Dec10 Fun Holiday – Dewey Decimal System Day

December 10 is Dewey Decimal System Day. The day commemorates the birth of Melville Dewey, the inventor of the Dewey Decimal System of library classification.

Girl at the library picking a book.

Dewey Decimal is one of the most popularly used library organization system in the world.


The system, first published in 1876, organizes library materials by fields. There are 10 main fields that are further divided into smaller, more specialized area. Libraries around to the world use the system to organize and classify their books.

In addition to creating this ingenious system of organization, Melville Dewey was also a big proponent of the metric system. He was the founder of the American Metric Bureau.

How to Celebrate?

  • Learn more about the Dewey Decimal System.
  • Visit a library and talk to a librarian about how they keep track of all the books in the building.

Did You Know…

…that only 3 countries in the world do not use the metric system today? These are the United States, Myanmar, and Liberia.

Dewey Decimal System Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Dewey Decimal System Day Observances
2024TueDec 10Dewey Decimal System Day
2025WedDec 10Dewey Decimal System Day
2026ThuDec 10Dewey Decimal System Day
2027FriDec 10Dewey Decimal System Day
2028SunDec 10Dewey Decimal System Day
2029MonDec 10Dewey Decimal System Day
2030TueDec 10Dewey Decimal System Day
2031WedDec 10Dewey Decimal System Day
2032FriDec 10Dewey Decimal System Day
2033SatDec 10Dewey Decimal System Day

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