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Sep1 Fun Holiday – No Rhyme or Reason Day

September 1 is No Rhyme or Reason Day. The unofficial holiday is dedicated to the English language idiom, no rhyme or reason, which means something that occurs without any purpose or explanation.

Slices of oranges.

Orange is one of the few words in the English language that does not perfectly rhyme with any other word.


The idiom is thought to have first found its way in the English language through the 1460 book The Boke of Nurture by John Russell, though it is most famous for its appearance in the 1590 Shakespearean play Comedy of Errors. It once again showed up in Shakespeare's 1600 play, As You Like It.

The holiday is also known in the United States as National No Rhyme or Reason Day or National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day.

How to Celebrate?

Do you need a rhyme or a reason to celebrate this fun holiday? Here are some ways you can honor this expression:

  • What about celebrating this holiday by tapping into your creative side? Spend the day writing free verse - poetry without any rhyme.
  • Have a no rhyming contest with a friend or a co-worker. Find words that do not rhyme with anything else. Whoever finds the most words wins a copy of a thesaurus or a dictionary!
  • Do something nice for someone for no rhyme or reason. Sometimes the most generous gestures are the ones that are undertaken without any cause or purpose.

Did You Know...

...that in literature and poetry, words that are spelled similarly but pronounced differently are called eye rhymes?

No Rhyme or Reason Day Observances

Fun Holiday: No Rhyme or Reason Day Observances
2024SunSep 1No Rhyme or Reason Day
2025MonSep 1No Rhyme or Reason Day
2026TueSep 1No Rhyme or Reason Day
2027WedSep 1No Rhyme or Reason Day
2028FriSep 1No Rhyme or Reason Day
2029SatSep 1No Rhyme or Reason Day
2030SunSep 1No Rhyme or Reason Day
2031MonSep 1No Rhyme or Reason Day
2032WedSep 1No Rhyme or Reason Day
2033ThuSep 1No Rhyme or Reason Day

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