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Dec23 Fun Holiday – Festivus

Festivus is a made up secular holiday popularized and celebrated by the fans of the TV series, Seinfeld.

The fictional Cafe in Seinfeld.

Tom's Restaurant in New York. Its exterior was used for the fictional Monk's Cafe in the sitcom.


Celebrated on December 23, the holiday was created by writer DanO’Keefe who introduced it in a Seinfeld episode called The Strike.

Made-up Holiday

In the episode, first aired in December 1997, the holiday is conceived by the father of George Costanza one of the show's central characters. In the episode, Frank Costanza reveals that he came up with Festivus as a response to the commercialization of Christmas.

According to reports, Festivus was initially created in February 1966 by Dan O’Keefe’s father, who made up this holiday to celebrate an anniversary with his wife.

Since the airing of the first Seinfeld episode featuring Festivus, the holiday has become popular among the fans of the show.

Popular TV Show

Seinfeld is a popular American sitcom that follows the lives of four friends who live in New York City. The show ran for 9 seasons between 1989 and 1998.

How to Celebrate?

  • Host a Festivus party in accordance with the traditions set by the episode.
  • According to Festivus tradition, the Festivus meal is accompanied with the airing of grievances, where every guest tells every other guest how they have disappointed them over the year. So tell all your guests how disappointed you are in them.
  • Follow the meal with feats of strength, where the head of the household wrestles with other guests, and the feats end only when the head is pinned to the ground.
  • Greet people by saying “Happy Festivus” or “a Festivus for the rest of us”.

Did You Know…

…that an unadorned aluminum pole is generally considered as the symbol of Festivus?

Festivus Observances

Fun Holiday: Festivus Observances
2024MonDec 23Festivus
2025TueDec 23Festivus
2026WedDec 23Festivus
2027ThuDec 23Festivus
2028SatDec 23Festivus
2029SunDec 23Festivus
2030MonDec 23Festivus
2031TueDec 23Festivus
2032ThuDec 23Festivus
2033FriDec 23Festivus

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