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Oct5 Fun Holiday – Chic Spy Day

October 5 is Chic Spy Day, a day to acknowledge that a well-dressed spy is always more successful in catching the bad guys than a scruffy one.

Sexy spy woman in black dress holding gun over leg.

Honor the elegant and sophisticated spies in popular culture.

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The unofficial holiday is a tribute to the elegant and stylish spies in popular culture and was created in 2015 by chicspy.com, a fashion website. It commemorates the anniversary of the day in 1962, when the chicest spy of all – James Bond – made his debut on the big screen in a movie called Dr. No. Starring Sean Connery and Bond, the film was based on a novel of the same name by Ian Fleming.

Fashionable and Resourceful

The spy genre of movies has frequently featured sophisticated and well-dressed protagonists who are not only equipped with fighting skills that can put a ninja to shame, but are also charming, attractive and immensely likable. All spies - men or women - in movies tend to own state-of-the-art espionage and surveillance equipment.

As a genre, spy movies are as old as the film industry. They became especially popular during the Second World War and the Cold War era. Today, spy movies tend to focus on themes such as terrorism and governmental corruption.

How to Celebrate?

  • Have a favorite spy? Spend the day watching his or her movies.
  • Watch Dr. No and all of James Bond's movies.
  • Have a spy party. Ask your guests to dress up like their favorite spy; serve shaken, not stirred martinis; and share notes about why you think your favorite spy is the chicest.

Did You Know…

…that even though Dr. No was the first James Bond film, Casino Royale was the first Bond novel ever published?

Chic Spy Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Chic Spy Day Observances
2024SatOct 5Chic Spy Day
2025SunOct 5Chic Spy Day
2026MonOct 5Chic Spy Day
2027TueOct 5Chic Spy Day
2028ThuOct 5Chic Spy Day
2029FriOct 5Chic Spy Day
2030SatOct 5Chic Spy Day
2031SunOct 5Chic Spy Day
2032TueOct 5Chic Spy Day
2033WedOct 5Chic Spy Day

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