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Aug4 Fun Holiday – Single Working Women's Day

August 4 is Single Working Women's Day, a day reserved to recognize the important role that single working women play in our communities and societies.

Break down the stigma and stereotypes associated with single working women.


The unofficial holiday was created by Barbara Payne who realized that despite the important economic and social contributions of single working women, there were no holidays that celebrated their achievements, creativity, and courage. And thus, Single Working Women's Day (SWWD) was founded in 2006. SWWD falls with Single Working Women's Week, a whole week devoted to celebrating happily single women who are gainfully employed.

No Longer a Stigma...

As societies around the world have progressed, the age-old stigma associated with single and/ or working women is slowly but surely disappearing. Today, women do not have to be married and stay-at-home to prove their worth. Successful and accomplished single women can be found in every walk of life and they contribute to their workplaces and communities on par with their peers who are married or in relationships.

...But Still Many Challenges

Despite this, there are many challenges that single working women still face in the workplace and in society. SWWD raises awareness about these issues and encourages people to find equitable solutions. The day also attempts to eliminate singlism - the stereotyping and discrimination of single people. It acknowledges that singlehood does not preclude happiness and satisfaction with life and that some people prefer going through life solo than with a partner.

How to Celebrate?

  • Honor all the single, working women in your life. Let them know that you admire them, respect their decisions and are inspired by what they do.
  • In many parts of the world, being a single woman is still considered to be a shameful thing. Volunteer your time and money to organizations that work towards helping single, working women stand on their feet and be self-sufficient in these countries.

Did You Know...

...that studies have shown that single people are much more social than married people? People with spouses and partners tend to spend less time with friends and more time with their families.

Single Working Women's Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Single Working Women's Day Observances
2024SunAug 4Single Working Women's Day
2025MonAug 4Single Working Women's Day
2026TueAug 4Single Working Women's Day
2027WedAug 4Single Working Women's Day
2028FriAug 4Single Working Women's Day
2029SatAug 4Single Working Women's Day
2030SunAug 4Single Working Women's Day
2031MonAug 4Single Working Women's Day
2032WedAug 4Single Working Women's Day
2033ThuAug 4Single Working Women's Day

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