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Sep19 Fun Holiday – National Gymnastics Day

September 19 is National Gymnastics Day, an unofficial celebration of the graceful sport that tests everything from physical strength to agility to balance and coordination.

Italian athlete Carlotta Ferlito, performs on the balance beam in the 5th European Championships in Artistic Gymnastics in Moscow, Russia on April 21, 2013.

Stretch a bit and score a perfect ten to celebrate National Gymnastics Day.

©bigstockphoto.com/Lilyana Vynogradova

National Gymnastics Day was created in 1998 in the United States as a way to promote the sport among young people and to honor the sportspeople, coaches, and clubs who have kept the gymnastic tradition alive and thriving for centuries.

Originated in Greece

Gymnastics originated as an activity in ancient Greece. Then, it was a way for people to exercise, stay healthy and remain ready for battle. It wasn't until the late 19th century that it took on a competitive note. In 1881 the Federation of International Gymnastics (FIG) was created in Liège, Belgium. In 1896, men's gymnastics was part of the first modern Olympics held in Athens, Greece. The Amsterdam Olympics in 1928 featured the first female gymnastics events.

Today, gymnastics is a popular sport around the world with many prestigious competitions and contests held throughout the year.

How to Celebrate?

  • Attend a gymnastic meet or competition in your area and cheer for your favorite gymnast and team.
  • If you have always wanted to learn gymnastics, today is the perfect reason to begin. Find yourself a club or a gym and get started!
  • Encourage the children and young adults in your life to consider gymnastics as a sport to pursue. Who knows, they may soon become Olympic level gymnasts.
  • Know a gymnast? Send them a message or a note letting them know that you are proud of them and their achievements.

Did You Know...

…that Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, a German educator is considered the Father of Gymnastics? He was responsible for promoting some of the most popular gymnastic routines today. These include the parallel bar and the ring.

National Gymnastics Day Observances

Fun Holiday: National Gymnastics Day Observances
2024ThuSep 19National Gymnastics Day
2025FriSep 19National Gymnastics Day
2026SatSep 19National Gymnastics Day
2027SunSep 19National Gymnastics Day
2028TueSep 19National Gymnastics Day
2029WedSep 19National Gymnastics Day
2030ThuSep 19National Gymnastics Day
2031FriSep 19National Gymnastics Day
2032SunSep 19National Gymnastics Day
2033MonSep 19National Gymnastics Day

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